Welcome to LiquidXCustoms
Affordable Wet & Messy Custom Videos using Messyworld.net's Studios, Models & Devices.

LiquidXCustoms are here to provide custom videos specializing in wet & messy content but not exclusively.
Although independent from Messyworld, we have access to Messyworld's studios and all of their devices meaning that for the first time ever, you can totally customize a gunge tank video, a human carwash trip or a pillory system session.
Please note that some devices are seasonal only and cannot be filmed with all year round.

Using our services you can choose an available model, either Female or Male, pick their outfit, decide how they look and most importantly, choose what happens to them.
We have models of varying levels and specialties to cater for as many needs as possible.

Choose a model from the Models page, make sure your read their levels and do's and don't's list first to make sure they cater for your requirements and take down their clothing sizes should you want to send in an outfit for them to wear during your shoot.
If you want to use a device such as 'The Destroyer', see what's available on the Devices page, but remember, certain devices are only available for limited times due to Studio Space limitations.
Finally, think about your custom, what will She / He wear, will they say anything, what will happen, will their be specific parts of the body shown,
zoomed in, full body shots and what will the mess be and how should it look, will it be thick or runny, will it be pouring, thrown, sprayed etc. (certain devices may limit what can be done).
When you have thought about your custom and are ready, click the Order A Custom link to begin customizing your session and calculating the cost.

You will see an estimate of the price of the custom based on what you add. But please remember this is a guide only. You will be sent an invoice on the final quote upon acceptance of your Custom Request.
You do not have to accept the quote and can amend it if you'd prefer. This will give you an idea of the cost before you commit to proceeding.
Once you accept the fee, which will be broken down for easy viewing, you can confirm and book the session. Have a budget in mind and simply add or remove items from the Custom's Form to suit your budget.
Each time you add a bucket of gunge, a pie, a device and a model, the cost calculator will add up your estimated fee, allowing you to prepare and meet your budget before committing.

When you are ready, Submit the Form.

The form will be sent to the model and will need to be approved. Once approved, a shooting date will be arranged and any further questions will be asked.
We will require a deposit in order to secure studio space and the model's fees.
The full payment will be taken once recording is completed and you are happy with the sample.

Non Wet & Messy Customs

LiquidXCustoms also caters for other custom videos including, but in no way limited to: Bondage & BDSM, Mistress & Dominatrix, Sissy Maid & Cuckold & other fetish content.
For non-messy customs, click Contacts to discuss your requirements.










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