The Gunge Tank

A perspex booth with either full length transparent door, half door or no door.
Gunge falls from the top in one 30 second flow (multiple gungings available).


The Foam-Filling 'SupaGunga'

The gunge tank has a half or full perspex door. Coloured foam rises to a chosen point i.e., the knees, waist, chest or neck
and gunge falls at the beginning, mid way through or at the end depending on preference. Speed of rising foam varies.


The 'Destroyer' Tank

The gunge tank features no door, 2x side pipes, 2x top pipes and a central gunge outlet.


The Pillory System

The wooden 'pillory' chair includes neck, wrist and ankle restraints.
* Model heights can restrict use.


The Cross

A seated device with feet and 'stretched arm' wrist restraints.


The Gunge Tub

A 200 Litre tub for full or partial body submergence.



The ability to fire gunge, soaking the target.


Gunge & Slime

We can purchase the gunge for you, including:
Natrosol™, MS>Gunge™, Methylcellulose, Xanthan Gum, VIVI-slime™, Mud, Jelly, Slime, Foam,
Cream & Custard Pies, Pie Plates, Pie Crusts, Avalanche Spray and Sweet & Savory Foods.



Alongside gunge, there are many pie options to choose from including
Foam, Slosh, Shaving Foam & on paper plates, pie crusts or Avalanche Spray.


Other devices such as The Human Carwash, The Plunga & The Destroyer are available at various times throughout the year.

or, Just the Studios

Some people just want the models & the mess, so if you're not fussed about devices and furniture, simply just leave that blank.








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