1. How much do custom videos cost?

Custom prices depend entirely on what is happening, how much product (gunge, pies etc) we nbeed to purchase and how much it will cost to clean. Prices for gunge tank customs can be as little as £45.
You can set your budget and we will tailor each custom to your requirements and budget.

2. How long is a custom video?

A custom video is typically around 15 minutes in length, however we can film up to an hour per video.

3. What will happen in my custom?

What you ask us to do. If it is practical and able to be filmed on set, we will film it for you.

4. Can I sell the video?

Unfortunately not. LiquidX retains the rights to the video, however you can contact us for commercial licensing for resale on third party platforms or social media sites.

5. How will I receive my custom video?

You will receive a download link with your video.

6. Is the video filmed in HD?

Yes, all videos will be HD 1920 x 1080px unless requested otherwise.

7. What is the average turnaround?

Depending on the complexity of your shoot, the average turnaround is 4 weeks.
However certain models or devices are available at set times throughout the year due to filming contraints.
Please allow time for us to book your chosen model, purchase the products required, prepare clothing, book studio time and arrange for filming and post-production.

8. How do I pay?

You can pay a 20% deposit to secure your custom using our approved billing provider and the remainder of the payment upon completion. If we are unable to fulfill your custom, you will receive a 100% refund.

9. What happens when my custom is ready?

You will be sent a sample to view before payment. Once you are happy you can pay for the finished video and we will send you the download link which will be available for 7 days (please contact us anytime if you need to re-download).

10. What if I submit the form and then want to add or remove something?

As long as it is not within 4 days of the shooting date you can use the contacts form or reply to your invoice and shoot plan email that you will be sent.
You will have an agent as a point of call to ask any questions about your custom should you need to.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, fire us an email using the Contacts Form