Michaela thinks she is getting a foot massage but instead she is going to the 'Alternative Foot Spa', an inflatable bathtub to have her feet sprayed with gunge. Watch her squirm as she has very ticklish feet.

The video begins behind the scenes as Janey reveals a note from the custom-maker. Michaela is taken by Janey to the bathtub where she sits and begs for her feet not to be tormented with the slime. After several attempts at pleading, Janey lets loose with the gungeBlasters, soaking her feet and making her squirm. The cold, sticky jets of gunge are ticklish as are Michaela's feet and the squirming is as real as it gets. 

A great video for feet and gunge fans and a bonus if you like tracksuits too.

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Michaela's Feet Torment in the Inflatable Bathtub

  • Producer: LiquidXOnline.com
  • Product Code: Michaela's Feet Torment in the Inflatable Bathtub
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £8.99

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