Welcome to LiquidX Models
Regular wet & messy modelling work in the South West, UK.

Become a LiquidX model and start taking bookings within days.
By becoming a registered LiquidX model you'll be approved for customs. Choose what you do and don't do, set your own rates,
have access to our dedicated filming studios with some of the most unique sets and devices,
and get regular work with customs as well as on a number of wet and messy websites.
We are accepting non adult models, fetish models and adult models.

Why become a LiquidX model?

We'll advertise your profile, do our best to get you bookings • You'll have access to our studios • No need to go searching for work, let us come and book you.

By becoming a customs model you'll also be on our database for Messyworld.net, one of the biggest names in the wet and messy entertainment industry.
As we are booking you, you'll be able to set your own rates and not have to worry about giving away commission, you'll receive 100% of the fees you set.


1. What does modelling for LiquidX entail?

LiquidX modelling is wet & messy fetish modelling. The majority of content we shoot is clothed (some fetish/lingerie) and non sexual.
For an example of the type of work, visit Messyworld.net

2. What should my rates be?

Well, this is entirely up to you, you need to figure out the costs of your time as well as the expense of travel to our studios in North Devon,
bare in mind that you'll need to get messy (not in your own clothes of course), and shower off (private shower and changing facilities on site),
but of course, at the same time remember that you will be promoting your services to customers, so be reasonable about your fees.
The best advice is to not undercharge, but also be competitive. Check out some of our other models fees on the LiquidXCustoms Model's Page

3. What about my limits?

Take at look at our form on the Apply Now link, you can include the work you are and are not prepared to do to save confusion,
you can also include important information such as any medical conditions, allergies and dietary requirements to ensure you are never uncomfortable.
We will ensure you are not included on customs that do not suit your requirements.

4. Will I have to get messy and can I shower off?

Yes, you will need to get messy, but not in your own outfit. We will provide the clothing in your stated sizes (on your Application form),
you can fully shower off and will leave dry, clean, warm and comfortable.

5. What is gunge?

 'Gunge' as it is informally known as is a harmless, odorless, slime-like substance which is stainless and easy to wash off.
It has been used on countless television, theatre and movie sets for decades, most notably on Children's television.
If you see an actor fall into a mud pit or swamp on a movie, it is most probably a 'Gunge' product, used by hollywood for it's safe and comfortable nature.
It is suitable for vegans, allergy friendly and suitable for sensitive skin and hair. If you have any allergies, please let us know in advance, as products often vary depending on the nature of the shoot.

6. Will it stain my hair, skin or clothes?

No, firstly we will supply clothing in your sizes for each shoot so you do not have to worry about your own clothes.
None of our products should stain as they are all tested and commercially distributed to theaters, television and events companies.

7. Is the gunge warm?

 Gunge is usually either 'swimming pool warm' or 'bath water warm'. Private shower and changing facilities are available.
Rest assured, you may get wet and mucky during the shoot but you'll leave warm and dry.

8. Is the gunge safe and non-toxic?

 Absolutely, we only use certified suppliers for the television, theatre and live events industries.
To reassure you further, we hold MSDS data sheets and the products used are commonly used in cosmetic products and children's sensory equipment.

9. Do you have cleaning facilities?

Yes, we have the use of a shower or multiple showers depending on which studio we are shooting from.

10. Where are you based?

We are based in Devon and film at studios in Devon, Cornwall, Hampshire & London, we shoot models from all over the country and if traveling we can arrange a full days shoot,
overnight nearby hotel accommodation plus expenses to make this well worth your while.

11. Do I need to bring anything with me to my messy shoot?

Yes, please bring a form of government issued ID (passport, driving license etc.), your own underwear for hygiene reasons (please bare in mind that these will get wet during the shoot),
your own makeup and cleaning products (shampoo, conditioner etc.) We supply towels, outfits for shooting in & all of the other essentials required for the shoot.

12. Do I need to sign a release form?

Yes, all models need to fill out a short disclaimer & model release form. We will be on hand to help with this should you need it.
You can message us and we'll send you a link to the PDF of the release form and agreement to read beforehand if you'd prefer.

13. How do I get paid?

We usually pay your fees and expenses in cash, however, we can discuss other forms of payment should you prefer.
It is up to you to declare your income. A receipt will be required from us upon payment.

14. Do you cover traveling expenses?

Yes, we can cover the cost of public transport expenses and regularly work with models from London, Scotland and the North of England.
If a hotel or overnight accommodation is required we can also cover this bill as long as a certified receipt is provided.
For customs however, this will need to be a set rate as this will need to be included within your rates advertised on your profile.
If you are traveling by car, we can cover fuel costs of 25%, the remaining 75% can be claimed as work expenses through HMRC. We can supply documents on how to claim this if required.
For all expenses, a receipt of such expense and mileage calculation will be required for our records.
*We need to know the cost in full of ALL travel and essentials expenses at least 2 weeks prior to the shoot.

15. I am traveling by public transport, what do you recommend?

In short, we don't! All but one of our studios are situated in rural areas where public transport is not within easy reach.
We highly recommend driving or making alternate arrangements.

16. Can I bring a chaperone to the shoot?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a chaperone along to your shoot for reassurance.
We just need their name for our public liability insurance records.

We look forward to hearing from you.

* In our 10 year history, gunge has never stained any item of clothing, however as a precaution, we advise, it you are choosing to bring your own outfit to get gunged in,
be aware that although gunge is designed NOT to stain, we cannot absolutely 100% guarantee this. Happily, we can say it's never happened so far!

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